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How long infected before diagnosis and impact on you

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Here's the short version.

Tested positive in 1985. Ignored it, spent the next seven years in drunken/drug-induced haze.

Saw doctor for the first time in 1992. After lengthy discussions and review of medical records (yes, I'm anal about keeping those things) doctor said she believes I was infected in 1980.

Started meds in 1996. Still on the same regimen.

Viral load undetectable since June 1996. CD4s in January - 1,462 (40-41 percent).

Had labs drawn last week. Cholesterol/blood lipids now current concern.

When did I adjust to it? I adjust every day.



One month shy of 21 years.

Your picture is getting me all hot and bothered!!  I live in Aspen and you have a similar interest in outdoors evidently... Come out to Aspen someday and I will make some turns with you!  Everything you have said is absolutely normal.  But whenever you got a bit worried or distressed STOP.  And remember you have many opportunities here to get through all of these feelings or at least drop their impact on your daily mental life.   If these thoughts pop up know these are DOING YOU ABSOLUTELY NO GOOD PHYSICALLY OR MENTALLY.  If you have already found a HIV DOC, great..  If not, that's your next step.  I strongly would not re comend your GP in handling hiv for you.   The virus is so dynamic, you owe yourself someone who has committed his/her life to staying on top of this for you.  With that in your hands, it allows you to continue on.  Let the ID DOCs do their job for you, then you can concentrate on the mental side of ACCEPTANCE and all those other wonderful feelings you get to move through.  I am still moving through them and they are becoming manageable now.  At least I know when I am in the stinkin thinkin mode and I pop my head back out of the sand and look squarely in the face the facts, the knowledge and the hope for my life to continue in a very productive and positive way.   If it was not hIV, it would or even will be some other life issue that's going to come along and make me do my worry dance.   Learn from this time.  Know the pain you feel is not really pain, but growth mentally, spiritually and emotionally.   And these things take time and they do require a bit of sadness, emotional termoil bla bla bla.  Know that you will come out the other end a more well rounded individual (only if you want to however) make something good out of this.  You have know other alternative....

Love ;D



I started having symptoms about 1982-83...rapid weight loss, swollen lymph nodes.  I was told it was all in my head by the PAs I saw.  Eventually, I lost about 15 pounds suddenly in spring 1985 and was tested in August.  They tried every possible test first (back then, even a test for HIV could get you into trouble if on your record) then tested me for HIV in Nov/Dec.  I got word by phone at work on Thursday, Dec. 12, 1985 at 3:45 pm on a gray rainy day.  It impacted me immediately because I was working at Burroughs Wellcome as Section Head of the clinical studies programming section for data processing (not statistics).  We had been in the process of working toward approval of AZT, so I knew exactly what I was facing.

I have no idea who infected me, because I came out in 1981 and thought I had found a new toy.  No one talked about AIDS or how to prevent it, because they didn't know and certainly didn't know its worldwide scope at that time.  So, I played around like gay men did back then, and I could have been infected on many occasions.  I found a partner in 1982 and settled into a 15 year relationship.  He never tested positive, thank goodness, so I must have been infected in the 1981-82 timeframe.

My first close friend died in 1987, then another in 1989 and it grew from there.  I lost my "last" best friend two years ago.


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