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How long infected before diagnosis and impact on you

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I'm curious to see what others have been through. Looking at some of the postings, it seems that many were diagnosed fairly close to when they were infected.  I was diagnosed in May 2005, but have apparently been infected since April 1999. (Dont ask, very very incompetent doctors. I had 3 different diagnosis, including chronic fatigue syndrome, and even had surgery to have a lymph node removed) In May 2005 I had thrush, night sweats and weight loss, looked these up on the Internet and asked my Doctor for an HIV test. (I'm straight so really knew almost nothing about HIV.)

First few days were very scary, I thought I was going to die. Then I realized I wasnt going to die right away, so I was afraid of being sick and unable to work, and I would lose my home and be homeless. Well, that has not happened either. I entered a study in August 2005, and have done well, last labs are at CD4 249, VL <50 for several months now. (Baseline prior to study, CD4 was 94 and VL was over 100,000. So, now its been over a year, and I'm adjusting. The hardest thing is the relationship issue. A woman I really liked who had broken up with me prior to my diagnosis, reconnected and wanted to get back together so obviously I had to tell her and that was that. It drove the point home what I was missing. Also, as most of my friends/acquaintances are straight, some I could tell, some I will never be able to. Anyway, life goes on, some days you think that its all downhill and others you think that there are tons of opportuniites still to explore.

I guess I went through the very natural process that everyone goes through.

I used to be a serious distance runner, and I miss that a lot. I do jog a bit now and I am trying to be more consiistent, running helps me more than meds/ All the best

My history, at a glance:
Spring of 2000: Diagnosed with HIV ... Health started to decline immediately, but slowly
2004: Wasting started, i got sick MUCH more often and much more easily
End of 2004: Highly stressed, wasting more pronounced, big time abuse of antibiotics, Ambien, Viagra, cannabis. Seemed I was always sick, irritable, irrational
Summer of 2005: Nearly died twice. CD4 alarmingly low at 42 [Percentage unknown] Viral load up to 100,000. Obvious wasting at 134 pounds. 11 days straight of diarrea (i cried all 11 days :'()
Oct/Nov 2005: Hospital tested me for PCP, CMV, TB, KS, hep, lung & liver abnormalities. All tests came back clean thank GOD

Fast forward to today: VL <70, CD4 at 419 (18%) , 152 pounds. Height is 5 foot 9.

Bottom line - I shouldn't have waited 5 years to take action. It was stupid, stupid, stupid! I let fear control me which nearly cost me my life. Twice. Ciao.

It sounds like you are a slow progressor like me. I was infected probably around 1984/85. I was in very good health until 2002 when I had an operation. After that my health declined. I waited as long as possible to start the meds--almost too long. My CD4 count was 11, VL 100,000 and I had started wasting when I finally went on the meds in late 2004. I quickly bounced back. My CD4 counts are still under 200 but VL is undetectable. Everyone is different. May your counts continue to improve and may you find that perfect relationship!

Diagnosis: January 2006.  Infected:  unknown. I'm not looking backwards to determine exactly when.  Could be many instances.

Impact:  I also thought I was going to die within the next few months.  I felt I was paralyzed for awhile.  Not physically, but I just didnt know what to do next. 

Most days I still don't know what to do next.  I get up, exercise, and go to work. 

And that gets me through that particular day. 

My lifeline is the Internet.  It's a great resource for not feeling so alone. 

And I do feel alone quite a bit.


Poz Brit:
I am also a Straight Male, had never knowingly Knew anyone with HIV/AIDS, I have been in a very loving and trusting relationship with my Lady for nearly seven years now, and who is negative, was celibate for two years prior, and in a relationship for 13 year before that. Never ever thought about and knew nothing about HIV/AIDS, presumed I was safe and not at risk, with just two women in 22 years, then March 10th 2005 with in an Hour of feeling fit and well, was crunched up on the side of the road, in so much pain and discomfort, which was the start of a common Pneumonia, (Streptococcal) was Hospitalized for nearly three weeks, on oxygen and IV Antibiotics for two. After, Chronic Fatigue set in and  continual heath annoyances have plagued me, November 28th 2005 I was asked if I would take an HIV and Hepatitis test, just to count them out. Next day I had a phone call, as promised, and was told I tested Positive to HIV, (later I leaned I was negative to Hepatitis) Stunned, in tears I thought I was a dead man, for my ignorance of this bug and the treatment available? I spent the time until the next afternoon when the appointment with the ID clinic was scheduled, in complete shock and devastation,
Now with the wonderful help and understanding from the Clinic, My fellow passengers on this AidsMed site, and the people from “The Terrance Higgins Trust” here in the UK, I feel more informed and a little at ease, Anxiety seems to be a constant companion, and how and why? Is always in my thoughts, and there are still the occasional tears, but its here, and I now realise it is not going to go away, so, we are slowly leaning to live with each other, it gnaws steadily away and some times, for ten minuets or so, I forget about it.



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