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HIV from body modification (tattoos and piercings )


Hey everyone I recently got a tattoo done in december of a phoenix bird on my hip but thats besides the point .i know a major contributing factor of the spread of HIV is unprotected sexual contact but what about getting tattoos and piercings . or is that just a common sense knoledge that we should know .H as there been any documented case of HIV being spread threw body modification  ? not to scare anyone from getting them done but just a question out of curiosity .


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Great, the only time you worry about tattoos and piercings are the ones done at home or done while be incarcerated. You don't have to worry about repeatable parlors. I don't know of anyone that has been infected in this manner and not really sure if it's just "Theoretical." Andy, Ann or AC might know.

Andy Velez:
I've never known of a single case of infection via tattooing in a professional setting. You aren't going to make history by becoming the first.



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