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How long did it take you to adjust?

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I'm new to this all.Just tested positive yesterday.I don't know how I feel yet.I had a bit of a panic last night,and my heart is beating like crazy this morning.

I drink very little alcohol...I've had about 3 beers this year,but I smoke a lot.I usually roll my own,but yesterday I went back to the packets and smoked over 20.I'm hoping to cut this down slowly because it suppresses my appetite and I desperately need to put weight on.I'm 6ft and weigh only about 10 stone....(no idea what that is in kilos guys) :)

Oh yeah....I did 20 press-ups this morning while my toast was nearly killed me ;D

I like the way Mark has put it....We shouldn't beat ourselves up too much.It's going to take time.


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