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Digi-Anal, Hemroid spotting blood. Risk?

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OK here is the story. I am a paranoid person to begin with so I just need some reassurance. I read the transmission guide which states I was at no risk and other websites which say negligible risk. A couple of days ago I received protective oral sex from a woman. At the same time I was receiving oral she was fingering my butt not vigorous but kind of clumsily. Midway into it I started to feel a painful pinch so I think her nail was kind of pricking one of my hemorrhoids to the point where I had to restrict her finger probing. All and all you can guess it ended in a blast but when I went home and to the bathroom I checked my butt like maybe the top end of my finger deep with a piece of tissue paper and I spotted like a little dot of blood. This kind of made me a bit paranoid added to the fact she had just been with someone before me and I was scared that if her finger was in his butt would that of put me at any greater risk. She seemed clean and pulled out the wipees and went straight to the restroom after our encounter but still I worry. What do you guys think? I feel confident enough to put this behind me I would just like everyones stamp of approval though.

I hope all the people you are with are clean. I take a shower before I have sex. As for the finger and the ass. No risk. She can't infect you by fingering you.

So the fact that she pricked me with her fingernail and i spotted some blood doesnt throw up any flags? What do you mean "I hope all the people you are with are clean?" Are you referring to her hygiene or other? She was someone who does this for a living I doubt she showers between every encounter you know.  And, I only do this every so often for the sake of keeping my hormones in check.

Matty the Damned:
No, what Roddles means is that you shouldn't use terms like "clean" when talking about HIV. It implies that those of us who do have HIV are in some way "dirty", which is a very offensive thing to say. Especially when you consider that the people here you are asking for help are HIV positive.

I'm HIV positive and I'm a "clean" person.

I'm sure you didn't mean to be offensive, but please be more careful in what you say in the future.


Andy Velez:
AND you were absolutely not at risk for HIV transmission in this incident, either from getting a blowjob or having your butt fingered. Even if she had been busy with someone else before you it still wouldn't have put you at risk.



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