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Hello everyone iam new to this forum and this is my first time posting sorry about my english but i will try to explain, iam a gay guy and i  NEVER HAD DONE SEXUAL INTERCOURSE WITHOUT A CONDOM, but in oral i dont really use a condom all the time (but i make a bunch of saliva when doing it) and last week it happened a incident while i was sucking off this guy that i dont really know very well, he didnt tell me he was about to finish and well he did cum and some of his cum fell in my mouth as soon as i noticed that i stopped sucking and spit out the few cum that i fell in my mouth and i run to the bathroom and washed very well with water and some mouth rinse, so now iam concerned about that and would like to know if is possible to get infected of hiv because of the small incident (in case this person was hiv+) i asked him if he was clean and std free and said "yes" .  I also want to point out that in the moment that incident happened i did not have any mouth problems and i remmember that i had brush my teeth like 3 hours ago before tha incident happened...any ways iam wondering if i must go and get tested and how long should i wait to go and get tested if i need to (that incident happened as 01/5/07... well thanks anyonone in advance and i wish i could hear especially from some of the wise experts that are in this forum, thank you again and hope to hear from you, take care Bye!!!

iam sorry my incident happened as 06/5/07 just last week, my bad!!!!

I myself see no reason to test.

Thanks for ur answer  RapidRod but i still will go for my annual test when the time for comes, but i just wanted to hear about that specific inccident, maybe somebody else has a difererent opinion let me know PLEASE somebody else so i can have peace of mind over that inccident, thanks

Andy Velez:
There is some anecdotal evidence of possible risk via giving a blowjob. But there is much more evidence from longterm studies of sero-discordant couples, both gay & straight, who used condoms for intercourse and no condoms for frequent mutual oral, and not a single sero-negative partner became infected.

Particularly given the details of this single incident you have described, I don't see any cause for concern about HIV transmission.

I wouldn't even think testing necessary in relation to this one although in general anyone who's sexually active ought to have a full STD panel done at least annually.

This time I don't think you have anything to worry about.



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