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Today @ the Beach

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I woke up today around 7AM and it was already getting muggy.  I didn't feel like sitting in the un-air conditioned church, so my choices were to either start drinking early or finding something else to do.

Well, the bar that I hang out at doesn't open until 1PM (damn them!)... so I decided to drive out to Pass-a-Grille beach and go "shelling".

I was out for about an hour and found some cool shells, but the storms were coming in and I didn't think standing in water was such a good idea.  lol   

I started making my way back to where I believed that I had parked my car (note to self:  pick a landmark next time so I don't walk around for an hour trying to find my car).   

Anywho... Just before I got out of the water, I noticed something black my my toes... I glanced and didn't pay much attention to it, thinking it may be a piece of wood.  Something told me to go back and exert the energy to bend down and pick it up.

So I did...

As soon as I picked it up, I knew that I had found a VERY old fossilized tooth.  I thought it was a shark's tooth and was happy at my find.   

I left the beach and started back towards my bar to show off my find.  The people there, who have lived in Florida forever told me it wasn't a shark's tooth, but a megalodon tooth.   

Attached are some pictures of the tooth.   

[attachment deleted by admin]

Well, if that is a Megalodon...then today is definately your lucky day.

Jan :)

I think that I may take it to a museum and look for an old creepy guy that knows about these things.. lol

Hey Patrick,

Pass- a -grille beach, was quite the spot 15- 25 years ago. Used to go down there a lot. I like going to Honeymoon Island, or Indian rocks beach. Less traffic ! They had the gay beach on the south side of the restrooms, and the straight beach on the north side. There was also a place called the "lighted tree" A nice place to relax and have a few drinks, after the beach. It's been torn down since.

Glad you had a great day !-----Ray  :)

Hi! Bob here in Tampa! I'll go "shelling" with you any day :)


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