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I just tested positive last month and really appreciate the forums here.  It's great to know there is a community of people going through the same thing I am.

I discovered I had Kaposi's Sarcoma last month which led to me testing positive.  I know I waited too long but I'm doing the best I can at this pont.

On April 4 2007, my labs were 199 t cells and 75000 Viral Load. After 1 month on Atripla I'm at 246 t cells and Viral Load is 315.  Pretty encouraged by the Viral Load going down but wanted to know if anyone else had experience with Kaposi's and was able to beat it by meds instead of chemo.  Any advice would be appreciated.

I was diagnosed with two KS lesions, one on each of my upper arms.  VL was 16,000, and I had 29 T-cells.  I immediately started HAART (Trizivir + Sustiva).  My VL became undetectable after one month, although it took two years to get my T-cells over 200.  I didn't get any new KS lesions, and my dermatologist said the lesions I already had were in remission after about several months.  I didn't have any chemo.  It took about two to three years for the lesions to completely disappear (after about one year they looked like large brown freckles).  It's now understood that HAART alone can put KS into remission, although not in every case.  I hope you're as lucky as I was.   

Matty the Damned:
Matty the Damned had a small KS lesion on his hand sometime back. His intrepid doctor froze the bugger off with liquid nitrogen and it's never recurred.


And welcome to the forums :)


iv got 3 leasions <thought is was melonoma>....but i seem to b the only 1 worried about it. my regular doc tryz to down play it by saying ks is like herpes. i dont buy it.  went to c a 'hiv dermatologist'. there pretty hard to find!. 2 have pretty much gone in2 'remission'. but one is pretty stubborn but @ least it stop growing. the doc is talking about treating it w/ a laser in july, but therez bn no talk of chemo. some good news


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