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Dr. Kang's therapeutic vaccine nearing FDA approval

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Nothing too substatially new on this, but it's an update from the University of Western Ontario's page on Dr. Yong Kang ( )

In short, the development of the therapeutic vaccine is proceeding as planned, and is actually being manufactured as we speak (or rather, read/ write), in anticipation of phase I and II trials.

According to Doctor Kang, the estimated time for this to be ready is three years. In my view, this is one of the most promising vaccines under development out there!


AIDS vaccine could be available within three years

"This vaccine has the potential of saving millions of lives,” says Yong Kang, a professor in the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at The University of Western Ontario. It’s always wise to have realistic expectations, but Kang hopes he is closer to finding a cure for HIV/AIDS – and he’s already much nearer to succeeding than most have ever been.

Kang’s tireless quest to develop a vaccine against HIV/AIDS has spanned nearly two decades and has just entered a new phase. “The results look encouraging, and we are now moving onto pre-clinical animal toxicology trials,” he says.

Kang’s work has produced one of the few technologies to make it so far in a process where dozens of other potential vaccines have failed. His technology could not only produce antibodies against HIV, but also prime T-cells to destroy cells harboring the virus, essentially curing a patient with HIV infection.

“We created a genetically modified HIV and recombinant human adenoviruses to develop a vaccine which can prevent HIV infection and clear HIV-infected cells. It can produce antibodies against HIV and educate one type of white blood cells to find infected cells and kill them,” explains Kang.

With the help of Western’s Industry Liaison office, Kang licensed his inventions to Curocom, a publicly traded holding company in Korea. Curocom is sponsoring research in Kang’s lab and recently opened a subsidiary office at Western’s Research Park to accelerate aspects of the commercialization process of the HIV vaccine program.

Kang’s vaccine is currently being manufactured in a Maryland laboratory in anticipation of FDA approval to continue with Phase 1 and 2 human clinical trials. His vaccine could be available for therapeutic use within three years and for use as a preventive vaccine within the next six years.

That would be extremely cool, of course, but how are they thinking of going through phases i, II, and getting regulatory three years??  Would that even be possible under the best of conditions?

Available within 3 years and he hasn't started phase 1 yet?



One year per phase doesn't seem unresonable, assuming it works well.

That would be a first, and HIV is not FDA's priority.

I wouldn't get excited before phase II results. I cannot get excited if the guy hasn't even tried his medicine on anyone yet. We've seen too many of those. However, if it reaches phase II, then fuck yeah.

3 years fda approval for something that has not even started phase I has never been seen before. And the FDA has other things to be excited about: diabetes, cancer, etc. I seriously doubt about this being FDA approved in 3 years.



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