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Hi All

I know this is not an HIV issue but I have tried other places with no luck . A while back I had an HIV scare myself and was very well informed here my the experts who helped me out with the whole ordeal. Now I am back but with another question , somewhat off topic. Please forgive my intrusion.

 A few days ago I engaged in unprotected sex with a girl i totally trust. We have both been tested for HIV with negative results and have a very respectful monogomous relationship, since we both had our scares in the past. She is Japanese and planning on getting married. Anyway, she visited a few days back and we engaged in , what I would I would consider rough sex , since she was a bit hard to penetrate and my wood was really tight in there. Not something I had experienced in the past. Anyway , a few days later I noticed these red little dots on the head of my Johnson. No pain, no rash , no leaking pipe, just red pinhead sized elevated dots , not many , i'd say about 10 or 15 total all around the head of my uncircumcised buddy.


Let me rephrase that so there 'd be no confusion " She is Japanese and planning on getting married" should read " she is Japanese and WE are planning on getting married"

thanks to all in advance!


Thanks for the clarification - I thought you were trying to say you were in a monogamous relationship with someone who was marrying another person! ;D

We can't possibly diagnose your spots over the internet. It doesn't really sound like any STI that I know of - but then again I'm not a doctor and I'm not looking at your Johnson either. If it worries you, the only thing for it is to have it checked out with your doctor.

In future, I would suggest using some lube when your woman is tight - you'll save damaging either one of you. Water based lubes are the kindest to skin and mucus membranes, but you can use what you like when you're not using condoms. When using latex condoms, it MUST be water based.


Thanks Ann,

anyone else have their 2 cents? anyone? andy?

I concur with Ann, see your doctor.


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