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Unusual weather-what's going on here?

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Global warming ...?

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GRRRRRRRRR!!!!!  (hey what can I say....I like a furry guy!)

Having said's been hot as hell here in the Bay Area also. Very unusual for this time of year.

Take care ( and rest assured that I'll cool you down and heat you up)


a little global warming never hurt anyone. Blame it on Bush.
If you want hot,come to Houston.


It's the whole planet. It's going to hell in a handbasket !! I am really dreading the summer this year , here in Florida. It's going to be HOT,HOT, HOT !! And I still can't believe, that there are politicians, that refuse to believe that a problem exists. They say it's just a cycle....bologna...



Global warming is good news! Just imagine Greenland becoming green again as it was 1000 years ago (blame Canute the Great) and great parts of the north Sahara Desert covered again with green savannah because of increased rainfall as it was 2000 years ago  (blame Emperor Julius Caesar).

However, I do think polluting the skies is bad.  All those toxins are poisonous.


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