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Unusual weather-what's going on here?

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Whiney weinies avoid white witches in sack-sticking situations.

Say that three times fast, if your mouth's not full!

Meanwhile back on the coast! UHUM! I am freezing my skinny little ass off.

Maybe I’m on drugs that I'm not aware of and it’s having adverse effects on me. But I’m not reading the three digits numbers they’re talking about here on the news.

As a matter of fact the fog right now is rolling in from the Pacific and I’m going to try and post a picture of what it looks like from my living room window. I just checked the outside temperature and it is currently 61* at 6:30pm.

So rocky, it’s all in your head. Dingbat!


PS. If you click on the picture you will get a clearer view.

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Gotta love those Bay Area weather reports:

"Today, the temperatures will range from the 50's at the coastline to the low 100's well inland...."  what's that?  about 30 miles as the crow flies?

Take care,

(i wish i were at Nob Hill or Pacific Heights).


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