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Thank you so much for your answers. Im not really worried about geting infected, of course I know there is a very small possibility, but thats a risk Im willing to take to be with him.

Im a little disapointed today. My bf newest labs wherent as I hoped they would be, his CD4 was just 60... He also had PCP a couple of months ago. I know it can take some time before the numbers go up, but I was just so sure they would be higher...

I just want to say it again, this forum is really great. Its so nice to be able to "talk" to others in the same situation and read about theire thoughts and feelings, so thanks again  :)


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Im new to this forum. Ive been reading the posts for a long time, but this is my first post. Im in a pos-neg relationship. My boyfriend is positive and Im neg..Me and my bf practice safe sex, but we dont use protection when we have oral sex. Does anybody else use condoms during oral?

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Hi. I was in a several year sero-discordant relationship (He's neg). First off, he's STILL NEG, years later, so whatever we did (or didn't do) protected him just fine. Second, we used rubbers for intercourse, BUT NOT ORAL SEX. I strongly endorse the oral sex info on this site. So, that's my two cents. Since that's about as graphic as I like to get in public, you may PM me if you wish a more detailed conversation. HAVE FUN! 8)  -megasept

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Hey there   :)
I just wanted to drop a quick note to say hi......I'm been in a relationship for three years now with my boyfriend who found out he was positive just over a year ago. I am negative. Towards the beginning when he found out, we seemed to talk about it more, but lately I've noticed that he doesn't really want to bring up the subject since he's been doing really well for a while now. His CD4 is in the 600's and viral load is undetectable. Once of my concerns is his stress level.....he works in a very stressful environment and we all know that stress is an awful thing that can bring about so many OTHER things healthwise and so forth.

I understand what you're saying when you mention that it's great to be able to "talk" to others who are in the same situation....I find it to be really frustrating much of the time to talk to some of my friends and family because they really have no idea what the both of us are going through. My boyfriend has disclosed his health to a few people none of whom are family and I've only told one friend of mine so you see, it's sometimes a struggle. Have you told your family?

Any questions, feel free to let me know!

Take care of yourself and your boyfriend

Thanks for all the replies :-)

I was wondering if any of you whos in a pos-neg relationship get tested regulary? My doctor recomended geting tested once a year..

I think that it is most commonly recommended for you to be tested once a year.  I am HIV positive and I only get blood drawn once a year because I am a Long Term Non Progressor.....but when noone knew this I had blood drawn every 6 months.  Many get blood drawn every 3 months to monitor their condition.  But you are healthy and do not need any more than one test a year.

modified to add: Were you thinking you would not need to be tested? That would be dangerous.  You should be tested once a year.


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