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Im new to this forum. Ive been reading the posts for a long time, but this is my first post. Im in a pos-neg relationship. My boyfriend is positive and Im neg. We havent been togheter for a very long time, but Ive known him for quite some time. I knew he was pos before we got togheter, and that has never been a problem for me. Im really just looking for someone in the same situation to talk to. None of my friends have experience with a pos-neg relationship and even though me and my bf can talk about everything, it would be nice to hear from someone in the same situation. Since we havent been togheter for a very long time, maybe someone can tell me a little about how it is to be in a long term relationship. Me and my bf practice safe sex, but we dont use protection when we have oral sex. Does anybody else use condoms during oral?

Right now I cant find anything else to ask or say, but I want to thank everybody on this forum. Your posts have given me many answers. And its so good to know that there is others out there in my situation or likely situations. So thank you  :)

Hello rosalux,

welcome to the forums :)

Most of the serodiscordant people (isn't there a nicer name for serodiscordant ???) I see on here do not use condoms for oral, but take precautions to not get cum in the mouth.


i am positive and my boyfriend is negative. we have been together 4 years. we don't use condoms for oral. he rarely preforms oral on me but i give him head all the time. he is the top and me the bottom. we use condoms when he tops me. he is a great support to me. mister wonderful. relationships are a 2 way street, we take care of each other and do have our disagreements but talk past them like adults. we really have fun together. i never thought i could be treated so good with a positive diagnosis.

Hi I was in a serodiscodant relationship for three years - he was poz I was neg - We always had safe sex apart for the oral.  Eventhough we were very careful, I ended up getting infected. It was mystery then on how the transmition could of happened but after doing more reading - there were other mistakes done - the sharing of a razor, thooth brush and even the straw for snorting coke could of been entry points for the virus. We have the tendency to only think of safe sex pratices - but widen your scoop of risk factors.

for sure. we don't kiss for about 30 minutes after brushing and flossing. we never share a razor. use a Q-tip for anything that might pass transmission.


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