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Read this.  Would you let this affect you purchasing an apartment on the 4th floor?  I know it may sound irrational, but Id like your opinion...this is a good place to ask since we all have different backgrounds and frames of reference.


No.  But then again, I'm not from an East Asian country.  13 is our unlucky number, or at least it's suppose to be (or is it 6?).  Anyhow, I'd probably live on the 13th or the 6th floor, because I don't believe in this sort of thing.

I've never heard of this.  When I saw the thread name I thought fear of small colourful tropical fish! Wouldn't affect me unless it was a shitty building.  I'm not carrying my groceries up four flights of stairs to live in squalor ( well, not today but who knows what the future holds?)  I wonder if being buried in "area 4, plot 24" in considered unlucky??


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