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Having symptoms after having sex with a prostitute!

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Hello how is everybody out thier!  Ill cut right to the chase.  I had protected vaginal intercourse with a prostitute.  I also got a blowjob which was unprotected.  She was also giving other guys unprotected oral their also.  I ended up getting genital warts (i beilieve) not sure what they are?  Now thier was blood present on the condom and i whacked it a little with the blood on the condom is that bad?  And with the other penises she was sucking can their cum get in my penis?  With the warts isnt the warts infected with hiv and that gave it to  me?   And the only reason i have had the suspition is that i got sick like a year ago and got little lymph nodes all over my body. Now i know you guys said numerous times that if you play with them you can cause a problem.  I cant stop playing with them and more formed.  Have only gotten the flu like 4 months after having sex.  So with this information do you guys have any info for me thank you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

You didn't have a risk and whatever your problems are, are unrelated to HIV.

Protected sex is just that.  Protected.  You did not have a risk in this situation.

No one in the HISTORY of the epidemic has gotten HIV from Receiving a blowjob!

Andy Velez:
As others have told you there is absolutely no risk for HIV transmission via you getting a blowjob. No one's even been infected that way and you aren't going to make history by becoming the first.

Stop practicing medicine on yourself without a license. If you think you have warts or anything else, that's something to discuss with your doctor. We can't diagnose anything. What we can tell you is that it has nothing to do with HIV. 

Since you are sexually active it would be a good idea to have a full STD panel done at least once a year and very six months would be even better.

You have a very commonly held mistaken view about sex workers being more possibly a source of HIV infection. They are in fact quite often more careful about protecting themselves from HIV. In any case, as long as you always use a condom when having intercourse you will be fine as far as HIV is concerned in relation to sexual activity.


Thank you all for your answers.  The only other thing i was wondering is why do i have the lymph nodes swollen,  ive had them swollen for about a year and a half.  I do play with them alot and have stopped since you told some guy not to touch them.  Could it be that i played with them so bad i caused a problem.  And the warts wouldnt they be infected with hiv?   And what about the blood on the condom and i touched the blood with a open cut i didnt know about?  Sorry just really want the advice thank you all!!!!!!!!!!!!


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