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someone somewhere:
This was sent to me by a friend. Had some good points l thought.

I want to share with you a few tips that Iíve learned in dealing with the uniqueness of some of Godís children.  Have you ever encountered anyone in your life who you tried to help but no matter how great your best efforts, the other person was still determined to remain in their personal bondage of negativity, pessimism, and depression?

Whenever they spoke a negative about their life and the lives of others, you stepped forward and spoke positive affirmations instead. Whenever they saw the glass as being half-empty you carefully described how you really saw it as being half-full instead.  Whenever they spoke of not having enough faith, you shared your own personal testimony and spoke of the spiritual truth of embracing things and situations as if they already existed.

Yet despite your sincere efforts, have you ever experienced yourself losing ground or losing the ďfightĒ and began to gradually think, talk and act just like the other person versus the other way around??  If so, then it is time to prune your life!!
You begin to prune your life by staying a safe distance away from the people, places, things, and situations that are not affirming, positive, forward thinking, spiritually uplifting, and loving.  However, you can still like or even love these people, but just at a safe distance in order to prevent yourself from being sucked into their vortex of darkness, self-pity, and pain.
Just in case you arenít sure who or what these people, places, things, and situations are, Iíve provided the following list for your review:
1. Stay away from negative people
Although you might have a genuine desire to encourage them by sharing with them the spiritual light that leads your life, the other person also has to be open and available to your message of hope, love, and inspiration too.  Sadly, there are many people who have absolutely no desire to become mentally and spiritually positive or uplifted.  Your job is to figure out exactly whoís open to your message of inspiration and who isnít and proceed accordingly by pruning.
2. Stay away from pessimistic people
These people are just one-step away from being negative people.  They gently place doubt where none previously existed.  They send whispers of fear and what-ifs versus saying it boldly like negative people do. Pessimistic people are really negative people with no guts. Instead of coming right out and being a negative person, pessimistic people just tip-toe around it.   
Again, your job is to discern the difference between a personís genuine concerns from their pessimism.  Once you figure it out, then proceed accordingly and prune away!
3. Stay away from Old Divas
Whether this person is a man or a woman, an Old Diva has seen it all and trust and believe they can play mind games in their sleep. They pretend to be your friend or mentor all while assessing your Achilles Heel and then exploiting it every chance they get. 
In addition, they throw rocks and stumbling blocks in your path via other people and then kick back and watch, gossip, and laugh alongside their fellow Old Divas to see how you overcome their created obstacles.
Be careful of anyone who out-of-nowhere tries to convince you that suddenly they are your mentor, best friend, and needed counsel.  If this happens, start pruning with the quickness.
4. Stay away from Young Divas
Whether male or female, they desperately need attention, instruction, and will consume all of your time, energy, and efforts if you allow them.  Their drama will soon become your drama, and their lies will soon become your lies as they will betray you and spread lies about you for no real or apparent reason other than to see how quickly drama can spread, grow and explode over it. No matter how cute, fun, bubbly, and full of energy they might be, start your pruning today!!
5. Stay away from anyone whoís first instinct is to frown
Should you ever ask someone a question or perhaps ask them for their impression of a person, place, thing or situation and the first thing they do is to frown before answering the question, then start pruning!!
This person has major issues with themselves and usually is highly critical of other people because theyíre extremely insecure with their own abilities or inabilities. They critique out of fear of being critiqued first.  They tend to see absolutely no good in anything that another person does and thus are perpetually frowning about it.  Sharpen your shears and start cutting today!!
6. Stay away from anyone who always talking but never listening
If someone is forever telling you what they know but is never listening to your divergent opinion or different perspective for greater insight, then what this person really wants is a yes-man or a yes-woman as a friend.
To think that your own experiences trump that of others to the point that cannot gain any value from another personís journey is called ignorance. Get your shears out now!
7. Stay away from anyone who is forever gossiping to you
This is a non-brainier.  If they gossip to you about other people, then most definitely they will gossip about you to other people just as soon as your back turns let alone when you leave the room.  What goes around comes around and bites you on the butt.  Keep the gossip and the other person out of your life, start cutting today!!
8. Stay away from anyone who tells you what youíre capable of doing
Get the ax out now and start chopping!!  Donít ever allow anyone, and I donít care if itís mama, daddy, big mama, big daddy, respected uncle, high-and-mighty aunt, successful cousin, educated neighbor, older brother/sister, favorite school teacher, lover, spouse, girl/boy friend, husband, wife, child, esteemed pastor, holy bishop, and any other individual who is less than God the Creator to tell you what you can and cannot do!!  Iíll give myself an AMEN on that one.
If any of these people is less than God the Creator, then their opinions, perceptions, and thoughts about you and your life and abilities are completely null and void.  Never forget or dismiss the God factor.  You are much GREATER than what others can see and interpret about you.
Your energy and abilities do not come from this dimension that man is able to see and feel.  Instead they come from another far, higher, greater, and stunningly glorious dimension of love directly from our Creator. 
Remember that everything is possible through you and that your existence is meant to be the manifestation of your divine purpose in life.  Reach out and grab it!

mmm like that


Matty the Damned:

Given that just about everybody exhibits most if not all of these qualities, you must be pretty lonely.


someone somewhere:
Nope have good frineds l can trust and l wanted feed back on it.It was sent to me and it has good points but yes l agree it is also a bit harsh.


        I always stay away from things telling me to stay away from things.


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