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HIV? poz about being neg:
Ok so it turns out I am suppose to  be going for blood tests every month I was somehow not informed so i missed 2 tests can alot have  changed in 2 months?

Hi, i think that is relative... it depends if you have got any illness, or if you are taking or not taking care of yourself. Like some people have mentioned before numbers sometimes get crazy. I think they want to test you to be aware when your cd4 reaches 350 to perhaps start with HAART.... I don't know, here in my country i was told that Haart is optional if you are above 200 (because they lack of medicines... so the later you start... the better for everybody), but if you are under 200 you HAVE to start with it, i think your Dr only wants to know if you are fast or slow progressor.


--- Quote from: HIV? poz about being neg on May 07, 2007, 04:14:26 AM ---Ok so it turns out I am suppose to  be going for blood tests every month I was somehow not informed so i missed 2 tests can alot have  changed in 2 months?

--- End quote ---
Well what's the purpose of testing every month? Are they testing something specific? I don't know your numbers, but is it testing for CD4/VL or something else?


As you are newly infected, my guess would be that the doctor wants to see how quickly your body adjusts and gets the hiv under control. It may be that he will want you to start meds if your numbers don't start showing signs of improvement.

BUT - what I say is pure speculation. The best way to get the correct answer to your question is to ask the doctor himself.

The standard routine is to test at least quarterly, but I was also tested more often than quarterly in the early days of my diagnosis. In my case, it was to get a handle on whether my numbers were trending up or down. Turned out they weren't doing either - they were bouncing all over the place. Still are.

Whenever you are in doubt about what your doctor is doing or wants to do, ASK. Not only is it your right to know, but I'd go as far as to say it's your DUTY to ask. If you don't keep on top of your health issues, no one else can. Your relationship with your doctor needs to be a partnership for optimal results. You need to keep each other informed.


HIV? poz about being neg:
so i have recieved my 3rd set of tests now and according to the Dr. they are "great"
I am just unsure about the vl.
i was infected this last December and my first set of test on
January 25/07 CD4 480 21% VL >100000
Feb 20/07       CD4 450 28% VL >100000
Apr  30/07       CD4 560 29% VL >100000

So my question is why is the VL not dropping if everything is "great"?


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