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Feng Shui - Legit? or BS?

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Anyone follow feng shui?  You believe in it? Or is it a load of crap?
Share your story!

Matty the Damned:
Total crap babe. Limp wristed oriental furniture arranging mixed with some "mysticism". Has about as much validity as homeopathy, complementary medicine and the zodiac.


heehee...I think it's interesting, and would make a fun study/hobby, but some people take it too far.  I was in an occupation where I worked closely with inherior designers.  One lady had me make a wreath to surround the mirror she was instructed to put on a powder room door.  I think that's reasonable.  But I knew of one couple who paid a huge sum of money for a house that their feng shui dude said was collecting the whole street's negative energy because the house was at the end of a cul-de-sac.  What did they do to remedy this?  They had the front masonry removed, instlled mirrors over the entire front of the house, then replaced the masonry.  I think THAT'S going a little too far! :o

Don't waste your money, cause that's all it's about in the West.  Money.  Hire an interior decorator.  They'll probably cost you more, but you'll actually get some tangible benefit from them.  Maybe.  Probably not.  They tend to be full of shite too.

I say explore everything with an open mind. It couldn't hurt and it just might work! Why not have a harmonious environment that brings you prosperity? But then I'm just an alien who's having a human experience on a sometimes hostile planet....


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