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I have been seeing a woman off and on for a few months on a casual basis, and she is only one of two women I've slept with in the last 12 months. When we have had sex in the past we have both made sure that we used condoms (as I have always done in the past). I met her again last Friday night and after a few drinks we decided to go to a hotel for sex.

Shortly after we undressed I was aroused and got on top of her and began pressing my penis against her aware that she had her panties on. Before we have always indulged a bit of frottage and then when were ready we grab the condom. However this time she then went on top and then quickly slipped my penis into in her vagina. In the dark and in my slightly drunken state it took me 30secs-1min or so to get my bearings and realize what had happened. I then got her to get off me so that we could get a condom and continue making love.

I checked myself cursorily for any cuts around my genitals straight after our love making, and then thoroughly the next morning. Though I had developed a bit of dry area around the foreskin at top of my penis I saw no breaks in the skin. I even think wearing the condom may have brought this dryness on, as I have had a similar reaction to them in the past.

I masturbated 3/4 times the next morning as the experience had the strange effect of increasing my sexual drive, and did not notice anything untoward at any time. However later in the day as I was masturbating again I saw a smear of blood coming from this dry area. I think and hope that this slight nick was due to the stretching and friction on the sensitive patch of skin caused by the somewhat vigorous masturbation

I am now very worried that I may have been infected from this experience. I'd be very grateful if someone would give me advice on this matter?

Thank You

I'd say that you've just rubbed yourself into a bleedin' frenzy, bud!  I wouldn't worry about this incident, personally. 

Oh, and I wouldn't call the increase in libido this event stirred a "strange effect" at all.  Sounds about par for the course to me.

You had unprotected sex and thus were at risk for HIV transmission to occur.  With that said, HIV is a fragile and difficult to transmit virus especially from female to male.  Being that you had a brief exposure and you didnt climax inside her I fully expect you to test negative.  The odds are very much in your favor this time.  

Just be sure to always use those condoms!  

Good luck.

Andy Velez:
SJ, as has been pointed out your risk was very low since it was only one time and very brief at that.

The fact that you didn't ejaculate in her is totally irrelevant in terms of any risk to you.

Low risk is not the same as no risk so you should get tested at 13 weeks past this incident. I do expect you will test negative.

Just remember to keep those condoms handy in the future. Mixing excessive drinking with casual sex is never a good idea.

I expect you to come out of this ok.


Thank you for your replies and for advising me and helping me put things into perspective. I have always used condoms before and fully intended to use one all the time on this last occasion.

This is an excellent, informative site that i'm glad is available for people to get help and advice.


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