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Good thoughts/positive vibes/candles requested

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My little guy, Ringo ferret, is very sick. We suspect a blockage in his intestinal tract, but none of the local ferret vets are open or working today. And sadly, I simply can't afford emergency surgery. Not now, maybe in a week, maybe a month, and Ringo doesn't have that long.

He is not in pain. He is eating a little, drinking a little, even pooping and peeing a little. But the lump in his abdomen has not gone down, and he is unstable on his hind legs.

He is not my ferret. He belongs to his cagemate, benjamin, with whom he has always been silly in love. Benjamin is being gentle with him, and I am trying my best not to be a nudge and pick him up all the time (he tolerates it, but would really rather I just pat him on the head and let him cuddle with his bonded mate).

I am going to go get some baby food and try to keep him fed. But if this is a blockage (and maybe I will know tomorrow when I take him to the vet, assuming he lives until then) and the vet can't work with me financially, I might have to put him down.

I really love my pets. And this sucks so hard.

So if anyone has a spare second, toss some positive vibes this way, would you? He's just a little ferret, but he's sweet, and he never gets into trouble, and he always plays very gently, and he loves his Benjamin the way I wish someone loved me.

And he deserves better than I can afford.

I'm sorry to hear of Ringo's situation.  I know how much those little guys mean to you.  I'm getting together with some friends this afternoon for a healing circle and we'll definitely send some energy his way.



aw, shiit, jk...of course.
my best thoughts and vibes to Ringo, and some to Benjamin and you, too.

I might be online all night. I am sitting beside the ferret cage, and giving Ringo water by the capful from a bottle. He is really dehydrated, but will at least try and eat and drink if I hold it for him. Called around, and there seem to be zero vets, even emergency vet clinics, who can take a ferret on a Sunday. I was told that I could give him better care here until tomorrow, so I am going to sit here by the cage, and give him water and chicken gravy every couple of hours.

Just put my hand down on the cage, in front of Ringo's hiding place (a soda can box that he became very attached to). Ringo slowly raised his head, and laid it down on my hand. Just quietly looking at me, because he knows I can fix everything. God, I hope he makes it through the night. I know, it's ridiculous to get worked up over a pet, but my little guys are all I have.

Earlier today, Ringo had some energy, so I let him out of the cage alone (Benjamin was being a bully, as usual, and Ringo was not up for being dragged around). Ringo and I have this dumb game we play, where I run up and down the hall with this squeaky stuffed snake on a string, and Ringo chases it in circles. Today I let him catch the snake, which is never, ever part of the game. He held his head so high as he trotted it to his treasure corner, behind the sofa. I don't even think he noticed that I had to walk right behind him, holding the string, to make the snake "struggle" a little.

Once he had deposited the snake among his other treasures (now I know where the spare set of keys went) he came back out, very tired, and lay down at my feet.  Exhausted, jubilant.

Ya caught the snake, Ringo. You sure did. Good little man.

Oh Jonathan!
Poor Ringo! I'm glad he's not in any pain though. I hope you manage to get him to a vet first thing tomorrow and get whatever treatment you can for him. I understand how much your pets mean to you...I'm the same with my cats!
Sending positive vibes across the ocean!
Melia :) 


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