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12 years on Crix?? That is amazing. That garbage destroyed me,maybe my dosage was too high, cause I was in one the early trials. I took it for less than a year.
Two large tennis ball sized lumps on the back of my neck. I looked like those fuckers in the star wars bar. Hump. Double Frozen Shoulder. became addicted to painkillers. Fuck! Lost 30 pounds at first. Lost all body hair. Hospitalized with severe stomach pains. I was carried into the ER,shaking and totally white. Bunch of morphine and was better the next day. I have no idea what it was and either did the docs. When all this type of stuff starts happening you wonder if you are dying and maybe death will be an improvement. Looking for sympathy.
As we always say the drugs are different for everyone.

Andy Velez:
Mark, thanks for the straightforward, sobering but by no means totally discouraging report of your visit.

I'm glad you have a doc who is really paying attention and who also seems to have some sense of humor -- something we know you possess in admirable quantity.

Along with well known challenges related to taking Sustiva, it is a mighty potent drug for the good and hopefully it will work its magic on you without turning too dark. Keep us posted and remember to check in here if you're having bad dreams, black cloud thoughts and other like stuff.

Thinking of you and wishing you well, Mark.

I read your post with frank amazement...your'e so pragmatic about whats happening to you, and describe it so well. I'm not so articulate at times but I'd just like to say, good luck with sustiva,(heres hoping no carrolesque effects), enjoy eating again and thankyou

Mark honey,

I wish you the best of luck with Sustiva...I know you are reluctant to change your combo, but I think we all agree it's time.    I hope that after you change, that hump will go friend Kevin's did, it completely disappeared.

Love & hugs,

Alan  (who loves you anyway, hump or no hump!)


I am sure you have read that the "no eating" window for Sustiva is about two you can eat up to two hours before bed.  I always thought guys with six packs never ate at all...thats why they have a six pack and I look like I have a keg! 

I also made the switch to Sustiva in early Feb because of skyrocketing trigylcerides.  I have gotten my first lipid panel back two days ago and they have been cut in half from 800 something to 400 something.  I have started fish oil (which I think you told me about.)  I also switched off the Combivir to Truvada.  Basically, I take Atripla before bedtime.  I have been fortunate.  No side effects to speak of for three months and better lipids.  Like the others have said...some unusual, but rather interesting dreams.  I get them every night and can usually remember them.  Hopefully, you will tolerate this well.

Good luck!



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