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Ask for Lexiva and Truvada, I'm been on both since they came out and I am having no problems.

I feel for those taking Sustiva, I participated in the clinical drug trials for Sustiva before it was approved. It does cause problems with the mind, I remember one night sleep walking naked outside my house only to be awaken by a cop.

Eventually, Sustiva showed resistances to the 2 of the 4 virus mutations I have and never taken it since. Of course, most the meds out there, I am resistant to as well, not to mention AZT.

Hang in there, something will come your way....

BTW, I have yet to see my CD4 go higher than 327 over the past 4 years, wanna give me some of the tcells?  lol

Much as I might kvetch about my pill load, kivexa,norvir and invirase, (along with a cocktail of pain/anti sickness meds)they work for me. I sometimes have a little difficulty because drug names are different in US, so forgive me if I sound a little dumb sometimes. Mark, you've done the 'sustiva shuffle', you kept at it, doesnt work...I sincerely hope and pray that whatever is prescribed next gives you NO side effects and an undetectable VL, at the same time as peace of mind

I couldn't handle sustiva years ago as I was trying to do graphic design school and find work. Then with those horrid nightmares I'd wake up a couple times a night in a frightful state. One time I turned off teh computer so I was in the dark and heading a well known path in my apartment to bed, but I saw an electric green snake twisting in on itself like a 3D image in front of me, I closed my eyes to shake it and there it was still inside my head. That night I had 2 nightmares I actually recorded in comic book style drawings. I was going to make movies of them in graphics on the computer and enter them in the Gay and Lesbian film festival. But the Dr heard about my nightmares and said we'd try something else. Gone were those lovely nightmares and the inspiration to put the whole bunch into a film...... One friend said the title, "Sustiva Dreams" might get me in trouble. lol

Tho I'm dating a guy that takes Sustiva every day and works a big career that demands many hours a week. I don't know how he does it.


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