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Iím a man, live in Viet Nam and I had a no protected sex with a new female 3 month ago.
Iíve tested by method Abbot Determine HIV- 1/2  at 74 and 92 days after that, the result is negative. (test blood)
Do I  have to test again at 6 month? Can I trust the result of this method at 3 month?
Do I have to test again at this time with method Elisa or another method (except PCR or P24 becouse they not ready in my place)
Thank very much.

Yes you can trust those test. You are conclusively negative. You do not need retest.

Thank RapidRod very much

But, I donít understand why the Doctor in Viet Nam still ecommendation must to retest at 6 month, so I very worry. Although I know this Abbot method is inventes in USA, must according to ecommendation of CDD.

He's going by the old guidelines on testing.

any one give to me the document about any test HIV method so CDD can approve the result at 3 month.
Thank alot.


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