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First Blood test results. . .

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so im still kinda new to this stuff. . . . was diagnosed like the 12th or 13th of april did some reasearch and found a specialist within the week. . . i just got my first bloodwoork back and he said its pretty good ;D

my t4 count was 418 and my viral load was 28,890 ??? ???
he said that was pretty good and its completely up to me to start meds now or later

i also got my blood submitted to a mutation ??? test which will tell me how aggresive the HIV virus is (as far as how fast it multiplies in the body and how the protien coat changes and "evolves" with the host) i dont know how common this test is but my dr. thought it was pretty cool. It tells me what drugs will work which ones wont etc. Theres only one lab in the states that does that, its in CA so its not back yet.

That comes back in 2 weeks, hes gona call me. He said if i have a weaker strain to wait on meds, and possibly never have to, or, a stronger more aggressive strain to start on a regimen best suited for my mutation of the virus. ::) :( ???

ok. . . . all of that said, sorry for blabbing, i want all the feedback you guys feel to share ;D

its kinda weird, i think my fiance (my bf) is taking it harder than i am.  .  :-[

thanks in advance for any advice or info to help me out  8) 8)


first of all it's a first test, so you'll have to see how the number evolve with the second and third test. Your numbers are very good, close to mine :)

A CD4 of 418 and Viral load (how much virus there is) is certainly no concern for meds right now, unless you have another condition, which doesn't seem to be the case. The viral load is logarithmic, so 28890, 20000, 35000 is essentially the same.

The mutation test tells your doctor what kind of virus you have, if you ever have to go to meds it will tell your doctor what medication will work on your virus. It's a very good test to take, and i'm glad your doctor ordered it.

I suggest that you start reading the lessons on here to understand what cd4, vl etc is and how they are important.

When is the second test due? Oh and ask your doctor about the CD4 percentage and let us know :)

Welcome to the forums, and feel free to ask any question :)


Andy Velez:
Hi and welcome,

I agree with Milker. It's generally considered a good idea to wait for at least two or three test results to get an idea of the pattern of your numbers and the direction they seem to be heading.

You're right. This is still very new to you. You don't have to worry that you're going to fall into a black hole if you don't rush to get started on the meds. The most important thing is for you to have your numbers monitored regularly and to develop a good working partnership with your doctor. That means among other things being able to ask questions.

Of course you're also welcome here to ask questions and to discuss anything that is on your mind.


Interesting reading.....I just tested positive with a CD4 count of 108.  I am very scared. I am feeling well. My Doc has not advised anything yet, am yet to meet him. I need support and encouragement. How do I lift up the CD4 count to appreciable levels even before medications? Does anyone think I should now start on some Medications, how do I know what type of medications.  Any one out there with some experience please let me know.

Hi biz,

a single number like this doesn't mean much. Your doctor will need to have an overall assessment of how your body is functioning, and that includes many blood tests. When you meet your doctor, he will have those results, and will be able to discuss with you what options are available, given your condition.

You may want to read the "Things you should know before treatment" lesson on here: before your visit, so that you come to the doctor with some idea of what he's going to talk about.

Doctors like it when they see that you've done a little bit of research, they get more open and go into more details because they know you will understand what they're talking about. Otherwise they're vague, and when you start getting more educated you're frustrated because he didn't tell you enough.



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