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The Ups and Downs of how to tell someone that your poz.

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Hi Steve,

Unless you feel deep down that you're prepared for the reaction to your news either way, I would recommend waiting till you are sure you can handle it. Two or three months into this, you have a lot to process - mentally, and emotionally. Don't be too eager to ask too much of yourself too soon.

Hopefully, if it's loved ones you're planning to tell they can be supportive of you. If it's someone new on the romance front, I'd definitely discuss HIV before getting intimate. To me itís the only fair (not to mention legal) way to approach it. For both your sakes.




I've had nothing but excellent responses from those I have told, so I guess I'm lucky.

I suppose that you need to consider who counts as important. I told one friend the first weekend after I tested poz, and then I wish I hadn't.  So I had to backtrack and make sure he would keep things confidential.
So, to avoid this, give yourself enough time. The diagnosis isn't going away, so there's no rush. Take care of yourself first.


Thanks guys. Your comments and suggestions have put it into perspective for me. As far as my particular situation: I'm dating here and there but nothing has come of anything serious or intimate to warrant reaveling my status. If you can share any stories that may help in this matter, that would be great as well. Much appreciation to all.



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