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The Ups and Downs of how to tell someone that your poz.

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I'm newly diagnosed as of April and though I know that telling someone that your poz is important, I would like to know what thoughts anyone may have on the when, if and the how of telling someone that your poz if your considering being more than just friends.

Thanks for any suggestions,

Matty the Damned:
Hey Steve! Welcome to the forums.

Disclosure is always complex issue. I presume you mean revealing to a potential sexual partner that you're HIV positive. Well, whilst many of us around here often point out that negative people need to take responsibility for their own sexual health, an intimate relationship is based on trust.

Especially for serodiscordant couples.

If you're thinking of becoming emotionally and sexually involved with someone else, then you should certainly discuss your serostaus with him/her.

(Who thinks your avatar is very cute)

a good place to start is the lessons on disclosure here

while it won't answer moral questions... or legal ones, it's a good place to start.

Hello Steve,

If you are thinking of becoming more then "just friends" Then I highly suggest, that you inform this person of your status. This person can react to you telling him in, several differant ways !! It's not an easy thing to do, but I feel that it is something that you will need to discuss, before things get serious, and the sooner the better.There can be many differant situations that may arise, after you inform, so be aware of that also.

Take care-----Ray

Andy Velez:
Hi Steve,

How about filling us in a little more about the current situation in which you're considering whether to disclose  your status. What's gone on so far in the relationship? etc.

Talking it out may help to clarify what's the right move for you.



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