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I suppose that could definitly be part of it.  I think the whole epdidymitis thing just really freaked me out as well. I had only been in a couple long term relationships.  Moved down to the city, had a few encounters and caught something....really caused the mind to start playing games on me.

So i'm thinking i'll still get tested at the 3 month mark since i've never been...

Matty the Damned:

Anyone who is sexually active should be screened for HIV and other STD's at least once a year. Twice is better. Given that your exploring your sexuality getting tested for everything about now sounds like a wise idea. Since your fun times with guys haven't placed you at risk of HIV infection and provided that the last time you had unprotected sex with your last girlfriend was 12-13 weeks or more ago, you can go and have an HIV antibody test right now and be assured that the result is legit.

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I honestly think that the most responsible thing an adult can do, who is sexually active with partner(s) of unknown status, is to get him/herself tested every six months. Not only for HIV, but a full panel of STD tests.

You have NO IDEA how many people come here convinced they have HIV, spend MONTHS testing negative, and experiencing symptoms, until they FINALLY get a full STD panel and discover they have syphilis or some other easily curable, but potentially devastating STD.

Boggles the mind.

If nothing else, I hope you can take this as an object lesson as to how easily fear can overrule even a scientifically trained and astute mind. Amazing isn't it? The whole rationality process? Me, I rely almost exclusively on first tiered peer reviewed quantifiable data, preferably replicated. Yet where my friends are concerned, I am the first out of the gate with guns blazing, championing the innocent, ready to ask questions later or let God sort 'em out.

We all have our weaknesses. Least we can do is err on the side of nobility, right? When the time comes, and you fall in love with someone, assuming that you opt for a monogamous situation, I urge you to remember this fear. HIV is often used as a strawman to transfer guilt.  People think that because their sex was A) deviant by society's standard, or B) cheating on/deceiving their loved one, that they "deserve" HIV. They might not think that in the front part of the brain. But it's there, it's a nasty little monster programmed by the media and religion.

As you no doubt are aware, HIV is a pathogen. And as pathogens go, not a very robust one. Were it as easily transmitted, say, as syphilis, then our species would be in BIG trouble. Luckily, it is not. Not by far.

I congratulate you on your choice to get a full STD panel. trust me, when you have had four or five, as standard health checkups, the fear will subside. It's part of taking personal responsibility for your health, same as using condoms for penetrative sex.

I sincerely wish you the best of health

Really, you don't think i should wait out the 3 months just to be absolutley sure about these few encounters?
The last time with my girlfriend was 6 months ago so that wouldn't be an issue.

Hey can i pose one more thing i've been thinking about. Do you guys know of any studies trying to modulate the CCR5 receptor for HIV infected individuals. The lab I work in does a lot of manipulations with T-cells mostly for blood cancers but I kept thinking what if you could modulate an individuals T cells to have the CCR5 mutation conferring some resistance to infection. 

**(Sorry i guess this isn't the forum for this kind of question, but if any of you know anything along these lines i'd be interesting in reading it)***  Trying to plan out my doctoral proposal :)


Thanks very much for your extremely wise advice, I was going to say you have no idea how much better just discussing this with someone is making me feel......But i suspect you probably do.

All the best


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