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Hey Guys

I'm a recently bi-sexual male, ie have only had a couple long term girlfriends but moved down to the big city for school and have had a few encounters with some dudes.  Anyhow the extent of these encounters involved a little bit of kissing and me receiving oral sex.

Unfortunately after one of these little sexcapades, i came down with all the symptoms of a bacterial STD. Increased urination, slight buring sensation, then developed soreness in one of my testicles.  Was going out of town and didn't have a regular doctor so stopped by the ER and was diagnosed with epidydmitis and give Cipro. Its been about a week now and the problem is noticeably better.

However now i've become really anxious over the idea of contracting HIV.  The thing is i've read your information and others that insertive oral sex is very low risk something like 0.5 in 10,000 according to CDC.  I'm actually in school (PhD) working in the field of cell and gene therapy.

So i guess now that i've bored you all with too many details, my question is does the presence of this likely STD increase my risk from these encounters.

(I plan to get a full STD checkup at my next checkup, since i wasn't actually tested in the ER for STDs, but the problem does seem to be solved with the antibiotic).

Your Friend
Probably unnecessarily anxious

Matty the Damned:

The thing is that STD's like chlamydia, gonorrhoea and NSU are much more infectious than HIV. They can be quite easily transmitted via oral sex, be it receptive or insertive. HIV on the other hand is not a risk for the insertive partner during oral sex.

My advice to you is to read our lovely Welcome Thread. In it you'll find links to our testing and transmission lessons. Remember that HIV is transmitted through unprotected anal and vaginal sex and sharing contaminated injecting equipment.

One other thing, numbers like the ones you quote are pretty much meaningless, especially in the context of oral sex. Take care and welcome to the AIDSMEDS Community Forums.

Kind regards,


Forget that statistic. It is based on a single scientific paper that should never have been published. The insertive oral sex number was made up as a place holder as the lowest possible number, based on a scale in which receptive unprotected anal sex was the highest.

So you are basing your fears on the number generated by a study that realized that they could not divide by zero.

Because zero is the number of quantified transmissions via insertive oral sex.

And zero matches the transmission rate through saliva, even saliva tinged with blood, in primates, simians, and in the lab.

You do not, in short, get HIV through insertive oral sex. You can certainly get other STDs. But fortunately, not HIV.

As someone in the scientific field, I urge you to look more closely at the CDC and their rather selective use of quantification to further theor obvious abstinence-only (along with heterosex-only) agenda.

Wow thanks for the super fast replies.  Your comments on the CDC are interesting but definitly valid. I really had no idea how they came up with that number and being somewhat familiar with science and statistics i normally tend to be skeptical of those kind of numbers.

Unfortunately this little wild sexcapade i went on for a few months caused the irrational side of my brain to take over.  (well i guess wild is pretty subjective  :)

Matty the Damned:
I'm glad we could help.

Probably your fears have more to do with you coming to terms with the queer aspect of your sexuality than any real risk of HIV transmission. Use condoms and water based lube when you have anal (and indeed vaginal) sex and you'll be able to enjoy the full spectrum of your sexuality without fear of HIV infection.




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