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healthy eating...nutrition is not my forte

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after my visit to the doctor today I had a double whopper cheese, large :D

You will adapt. I go from double whopper cheese to fish & salad. It's the overall balance and trend towards a better diet that is important. Overall my diet is I think pretty good. I just need to get my fat ass to the gym.


yum...a double whopper with cheese.  i could go for one of those right about now.  i'm down to 102 pounds...i'm thinking a few cheese burgers might do me some good.  no gym for me - just a brisk walk to the park.

i here you on the adaptation...some days is salad and strawberries--but days like today, it's all about shitty food.  and boy was it good!   :D

ok dont talk about hungry and trying to resist the 4am munchies lol

but yea diet is hard for many of us sometimes its just the fact that the day goes by so fast and you have to eat somewhere so you dont pick the best options....

Diet and exercise are very important for anyones health but when you first start its REALLY hard to pick the baked skinless chicken over FRIED chicken....You have grown accustomed to eating things and thats what you crave. Take it one step at a time. I wouldnt overdo the juices though because it is pure sugar (but better sugar than soda) so in the end it will cause you to have the same blood sugar swings as sodas do. Water or tea (unsweetened) is your best bet....

Good luck :-D

MILKER so hows that drinking cessation coming along? lol


Mayb u need to ask urself how eager u are to live ..... nutrition and your health goes hand in hand ... I know that I aint perfekt but I try ....  I understand that I mst help my body fight this thing cuz I aint dying anytime soon !  I suggest u take it one step at a time - start with introducing veggies and fruits to your diet , also cutting down on your alc intake .....

I think we are here for you for moral support - CAN I GET AN AMEN !!!!

Miss Philicia:
I did a major Trader Joe's run yesterday on my way home from the dentist.  I'd go more often but it's in an area of downtown that I don't often go to.  Still, I think I may start to make more of an effort to go there... definitely more reasonably priced than Whole Foods which I can walk to from my place.


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