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healthy eating...nutrition is not my forte

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as i am learning more about being hiv+, i'm beginning to realize a healthy diet/exercise is important.  here is where i have a problem...i eat crappy processed food, a lot of bad for me sugars, sodas with caffeine, i drink alcohol occasionally and i really don't exercise much.

how do i begin to change my mind set?  what are some of the things you have done to help change your lifestyle? take a cooking class?  join yoga?  get a new cookbook?  any advice would be welcomed.

thanks for the help...

hey there

don't try to change everything at once. concentrate on something that you know is a problem and fix it. One change at a time :) For example, if you think that eating crappy processed food is your main problem, then focus on it. If it's alcohol then focus on it. Don't try to fix the crappy food and the alcohol at the same time!

How do you begin? A cooking class is a fucking great way to begin, I'm glad you mention it. You'll be surprised :) Yoga is good too, I don't have experience with it tho, but I hear it's good.


hi, as for me i started by saying no to my two biggest lovers: Mc Donnalds and Burguer king. Then i stopped a bit my addiction to Mayonnaise (eventhough i fall once or twice every two weeks). And that's it, as for the rest i try to eat what pleases me. And sleep as much as my body request :)

I agree with milker one can't expect to change all at once, take it slowly :) kisses


--- Quote from: belief on April 30, 2007, 10:56:00 PM ---i drink alcohol occasionally and i really don't exercise much.
--- End quote ---
Your attitude is positive, and the right approach to your new situation. It's all about how you live...the funny thing is it always was.

Well, find some exercise you like well enough, exercise vigorously, and just don't drink any more than you do now.

Replace sodas with juices will help as much as junk with fresh, and unrefined foods. Buy fancy whole grain cereals, low on sugar, and find healthy good tasting food you can crave. Try visiting a big health food market, like Whole Foods, to get ideas. I go to Trader Joes (cheaper). If you have the money shop at these places regularly. I buy frozen soy as a desert treat (I actually like it). After a few months, just the smell of McDonald's grease will make your stomach turn. By the way, I don't think healthy eating is a substitute for good medical care, but it will improve your outlook on life, your appearance, and can't hurt your immunity. More than 16 years after seroconversion, I do anything physical I wish. And I have no plans to cut caffeine from my diet----#%@&#@ NO! It's a great way to live POZ. Good luck!

 8)  -megasept

i had a bacon, egg and cheese mcgriddle for breakfast today.  skipped lunch and had chicken nuggets and grapes for dinner.  i suck.  i did go for a walk though.

one day at a time, right?


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