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(protected) sex during menustration?

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I wouldn't have sex when there is a heavy flow (at this time I am also in pain), but the period kind of drags on and you get to a point when there is very little, dilluted blood, that kind of comes and goes (to the point that I don't need to wear a tampon anymore but just a thin panty liner). Also my period comes in "spurts", there can be hours a day without any or little blood, then a big flow. When there is the buildup of the flow I am horny [I must admit; this is a women's forum after all], as well as irritated, edgy and half crazy but that's another topic  ;)

Anyway I wouldn't put my BF (or anyone for that matter) at an additional risk so like I said I will just hold on to the end

Queen Tokelove:
Ah ok, so you wait til you are basically spotting. I am glad you chose to wait it out. Just think how horny you will be by then... ;) Glad I don't get periods at the moment. I am on the depo shot. My periods use to be very heavy from day 2 to 14, yep, I would go that long. And you don't even want to talk about the mood swings and the cramps. The depo shot has made me a nicer person to be around.... ;D

did you know that prostitutes around here if they dont want to lose a nights wages they stick a wad of cotton wool or a tampon up there when they are having their period - and the johns dont even know...

Ok, not sure but have you been tested for fibroids, or other female problems in regards to why your period seems to drag and come in spurts?  There may be something else going on and if so you may need to treat, or it may just be your system if that is the case than I hope you have a good idea of when your period is coming, so that you can have sex, sex, sex, and more sex before red dragon makes her appearance, if you are not sure than make calander notations of the days you do get your period, spurts or otherwise you should start to see a pattern.

My 15 yr old daughter has irregular periods(which caused her a lot of embarrasment) she would just get it without warning and have well you know accidents.  Doctor suggested calendaring her periods, spurts and all and we began to see a pattern!  We calendared for three months, maybe this will work for you and your BF and you can have satisfy yourselves b4 and wait until after!

Have fun!

This is my take on it.  If you are bleeding Yes there is a higher percentage of transmitting to your partner.  And it sounds like you do not want to put your BF in harms way, so how about thinking outside the box.....if you are horny and bleeding have him use a dildo on you I would reccomend the rabbit!!!  or other things as you play with yourself as he plays with himself.  Just on those questionable days,  you never know you just may enjoy it.  Also I am not sure if you are interested in having children,  but if not they can do a procedure called oblation of the endometrial linning.  I had it Done in 11/05 and have not had a period since and I love it.  I hope this helps you and wish you all the best sex in the world but safe.  Much Love Rachel


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