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(protected) sex during menustration?

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Hello ladies,

I was wondering what is your take on having protected vaginal sex during menustration with a negative partner. The councellor told me and my BF to avoid all sexual activities during menustration. I am undetectable but she said that the blood coming from the womb is not the same as the blood in the bloodstream and can have a higher VL and therefore is better to avoid. She also vetoed him giving me external oral sex while I am wearing a tampon. The result is the even when he touches me during menustration I feel nervous about transmittion. What do you think?

I have not had my period since finding out I was poz because I am pregnant. I would imagine that you should be careful when the flow is heavy because well it can get messy. Lets face it. However my dr. recommended trying the instead cups during this time for at least a few hours before sex and use a condom. The instead cup catches the flow pretty well when I have used it in the past for modeling.

I have never heard of the instead up, momoftwo, what it that?
   Sex during menstruation is risky, protected or not.  But I guess if you must, then definitely use protection!  (I'm just jealous because I'm not getting any! :D). 

Thank you. Guess I can keep holding off for a week a month...  ;)

Queen Tokelove:
I would think it would be riskier to have sex during the time of your period because of the blood like your doctor said. I am wondering how you could have sex during that time, being so messy and all. I guess it's a matter of choice, not knocking you or anything, just saying.....Ewwwwwww


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