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Took The Plunge !!

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Hey Everyone,

After debating on getting a new computer,( for some time), it has finally been done !  This past Monday, I decided I had better get a new computer desk first, As the old one was leaning on a 30 degree angle. So, I bought a nice solid one, that will hopefully last, without the keyboard tray falling off, when you rest your elbows on it  :)

Wednesday, I decided to call Verizon, and check out their DSL service. I was quite happy with dialup, but they have an offer out there, I couldn't resist, for 14.99/month DSL. , so I signed up and paid for a year of it. I was paying 19.99 a month, so there is a little savings there.

I Am currently still on dial up, the UPS deliverery should be here Monday with the modem, and all that stuff. The actual service won't be activated until June 29 th.

Friday, Ed and I went out and got the computer. Also decided to get a new scanner and printer as well, also the 17 inch flat panel LCD monitor. This looks pretty great, but I am so used to the faded colors and dulness of the 6 year plus old CRT that we had.

Anyway, did a lot of shopping around fior the computer, that would suit our needs, which aren't many.All in all, I think I did allright, for the budget. I just have to figure out Windows Xp and this whole media edition thing.There is a lot of little settings I have to figure out also. Hope this computer last as long as the other one 6 1/2 years. This processor is soooo fast as compared to the old one.

Thats been my week. Hope everyone is well, and enjoying the weekend !!  8)

Take care-------Ray

Congrats on the new computer, monitor, and all the other stuff you got. Sounds like you are all set up!

Hubby got me a 17" LCD flat panel and i love it..i got him one for his birthday off ebay and i like his better than mine.. They are you so much more room on your desktop.

We also have DSL and i like it. Hubby likes the cable better but i cant tell any difference. We cant get cable out here (too far out in the county) so we have the dish.

Have fun with your new computer and all the other new stuff.


I had to get a computer in a hurry too. I ended up with an HP with windows XP. I've learned not to trust my set up ability especially with computers, so I let the store nerds do it.

Everything works!

Have fun with your new toy.


Welcome to the 21st century Ray.  We missed you.


Congrats buddy,  New puter, new provider, new desk, new scanner, and new something else I forget what!  Boy you really did take the plunge.

(Who's ignoring all the "media stuff" on his computer, hoping it will just go away!)


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