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A Gay Boys Dream of "Crack Hors"

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At 4am me and William woke and started a wonderful conversation about us. It was very powerful and I wont go into any detail. But when I went back to sleep for this one hour, I dreamed of "Crack Hor's"..

Dreams mean something..... Do not read further for the faint of heart.....

It all began around a mountain lake. I had 7 days worth of HIV meds in my rainbow pill container for whatever reason. I dropped them and the container broke into very sharp shards as well as my pills spilled everywhere! I yelled to the people around me "that you are in danger of cutting yourself!" But people helped me pickup my pills and were very helpful in cleaning up all the broken parts of the container. Well William was helping to and all of the sudden we were transported to a Mall. I was looking at this very fine "Beauty Spa" and William asked to have our picture taken by a photographer who just happened to be walking by. Weird... Then William wanted to ease my being upset about the "pill deal" and hooked me up with a massage? Or well, thats what I thought. I was escorted by a young women with dark hair into the salon. She told me to take off all my clothes.. All I remember is a bunch of rubber gloves and she put one on and started finguring me! Jebus! She said that William said "you liked having this done". I said, "well, yeah, but by William!"... Very strange... She then pulled out a needle and began "shooting up" in her legs?? What the f***?? Dont get me wrong, it was very a very sexual dream. She then started rolling around on the ground while I am standing there butt naked?? You know what? I also put my fingure where her "sun don't shine". What the! After this was done we found ourselves running thru the hallways of the hotel I work at and William again was trying to make me happy by chasing the kids in the hallway "Hide and go Seek". I never found William, but one of the security guys came up to me "IN DRAG" and asked if I was ok? He looked very stunning in his dress....

Ok, I am not on Sustiva.... What gives!!! Am I really gay? Is it all the "girl" talk on these boards that influencing my dream process? Am I in danger of loosing myself to the dreaded FFF (Fur Fear Factor)? Trust me this is not a territory I have ever seen or experienced! I dont even know if you shoot up on crack or if I am even spelling "crack" right!! lol. And a women doing this to ME?? My poor gay brain is very messed up right


The Canuck:
Humm...a very funny dream...what did you smoke last night ?  :o

The Canuck

There lies the mystery..  I dont smoke, do drugs or even drink!  I did have Egg Rolls for lunch and my Bananna intake is routine..  I just do not know what spawned such a journey... ;D

Jeez Eric,

Good to hear from you, but do you get any restfull sleep, ever?

You ever do LSD? :o


Oh yeah,  I did a bunch of LDS in high  tried it but didnt like the ants crawling all over me nor the bed floating around the room...


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