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I was diagnosed 4 yrs ago and ever since I started taking my drugs, I ave suffered from erection no show  :(...I get depressed sometimes and being an african doesnt help as basically a man that cant get his penis up is no good. I am married and my partner is supportive although I  sense a bit of disappointment, that her man cant provide in the bedroom. I am now on my third combination and my cd4 is low my consultant an optimist says my erection problems will disapear when my cd4 count goes up???
I am not keen on the viagras etc, is there any natural products that I can use? that will not affect my health?

if any one as experienced my probems or has any advice pls do share. And when I get it up will be the first to know  ;)



Joe K:
Hey D,

You'd think that having HIV would be enough trouble without it extending into the bedroom, but sometimes it does and there are things you can do.  First, talk with your doc (and do tests if necessary) to see if there are any physical reasons for your ED.  One thing to really check is your testosterone level, because even if you test in the range, you may be one of those men who needs higher levels.

My testosterone was in the normal range, but still we upped my levels by my taking weekly shots.  The difference was remarkable.  My point is that you don't just have to accept this and so the best place to start is with your doc.

Poz Brit:
There is a natural product from Africa it’s the bark of the Yohimbe  tree, and can be purchased in capsule form, Google YOHIMBE,  I would  seriously be cautious with it, Personally I would stay away from it, as I regard it dangerous, I am only mentioning it in case you come across it in your search,  it will push your blood out to the extremities of the body and give you the desired affect, but it can make the heart pump rapidly and give a feeling of having a heart attack, some body builders use it to pump up, also if you google “Yohimbe and HIV” there is a lot of information.
I have a friend who tried it, and he really thought he was dying, and he was a very fit gym rat.


Just a side note on the yohimbe bark extract.  It is formulated as a prescription medication here in the U.S. and is used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.  If you buy the over-the-counter yohimbe extract supplements, you can't be sure how much of the active ingredient you're getting.  Using the prescription form should alleviate any worries you might have concerning how much to take.

I myself have taken the prescription form, although not for treatment of HIV-related ED.  (I was having ED as a result of the various antidepressants I was on.)  My recollection is that it is modestly effective.  The only problem is that it must be taken three times a day every day, so the dosing regimen is not ideal.

Having used Viagra as well, I can tell you that Viagra is far more effective.  I would certainly recommend Viagra over yohimbe extract, since Viagra can be taken on an "as needed" basis. 

Finally, I agree that you need to have your testosterone checked.  Since I was infected my free testosterone level has dropped a lot, although it's still in the normal range.  There seems to be no end to the adverse effects that this virus has on the body.

I wish you luck.

My partner hasnt been able to get it up for several years now...without taking viagra.
CONSULT WITH YOUR DOCTOR...for god sakes man, you have to work this out with yur doctor. Seek support online.


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