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I worked as an engineer for Siemens in the Telecom division.  It was 1984, I was doing a major upgrade to one of our Central Office phone systems,  main frame computers that ran phone service for entire cities.  It was in Fallon Nevada, a town of about 15,000 sixty miles east of Reno.  During my work, which was all done late at night, for obvious reasons, I found a wiring error from previous updates on the switch.  I fixed it, but in the meantime, the system crashed, causing a complete outage for the whole town.

Long story short, the E911 service went down locally.  Albeit for only 25 minutes while it reloaded, but during that time a fire started, and burned down a home that night.  About halfway through the system load, I had 4 policemen knocking on the Central Office door, ready to cuff me.  The phone company got sued.  I guess I was somewhat responsible for actions to create a redundant E911 platform.   I got to hang around what was a pretty fun town for a little while longer to give testimony, and in the meantime won 500 bucks playing poker.

Actually, pretty boring shit though, looking back

This is kind of off topic but I worked in the computer lab in grad school. One of the female students found a set of keys sitting beside one of the computers with a canister attached to it. This being Southern California the woman assumed it was perfume and decided to try it out. Yes, the "perfume" turned out to be pepper spray and she accidentally sprayed it all over herself. I had never experienced pepper spray before and let me tell you it cleared out the entire lab!

Heh, Heh,

 If you leave the DVD/CD Rom  tray open, it will make a nice coffee cup holder ;D


At the start of my sixth consecutive 12 hour night shift I had to take a hearing test. This young computer nerd puts me in a dark, sound proof box, puts head phones over my ears, stuffs a plunger in my hand and closes the door.

Well guess what happened. Off to sleep I go.

Some time later I awake to insistant pounding on the door. The frustrated young computer nerd pulls open the door and screeches "The test isn't that hard, just push the plunger when you hear the beep." and slams the door closed.




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