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Joe K:
Hey All,

The other post about geographical ignorance is a hoot and so I thought I'd share some of my stories, from my days as a computer tech support, because if you want to read about ignorance.

So please join me in formulating our own Computer Hall of Shame.

I worked for both Blue Cross and Volkswagen and I supported both mid-range and PCs.  All the machines were located in offices or at dealers and most of my work was done over the phone.

Possibly the best ever is when I was helping a girl (a valley girl, no less) restore the system at her dealership.  These were large computer systems and very complex to reload so we scripted our restore to make sure everything was covered.  So I'm talking her through the restore and at each screen, I tell her what to input and after about 15 screens or so she says: "Wow you sure know a lot about these machines, how do you know what to put on each screen; Can you see my screen from there?"

Or when VW sent out these cute little calculators that were shaped just like a 3 1/2 diskette.  All the buttons were on the botton half and the slide at the top was the on/off switch.  We actually got 9 calls from users, who shoved the calculator into the computer diskette drive and then wondered why they couldn't use the calculator program.

And from Stephen comes the story of a user who kept requesting new copies of the same programs on 5 1/2 diskettes.  After the third request, Stephen inquired what was happening to the old copies.  The woman replied that the programs worked just fine, until she labelled the diskettes.  Seems she was actually rolling the diskette into a typewriter, typing on the label and then trying to use the diskette.

So let's hear them...  What story do you have for the Computer Hall of Shame?

Smart ass! I fall under your first example! You nerd! :-*

Joe K:
Hey BB,

I don't mean any insult to these users, they are just stories that are funny.  Trust me, I had more than my share of stupidity as I learned how to use computers.  One of my stupidest mistakes, was when I went into the computer lab, to repair an open machine, without first grounding myself.  I touched the motherboard and poof, that motherboard was fried.  Very expensive lesson on grounding.

This is just for fun and games and I'd hope that you were not offended.

Silly boy! Like I'm not really mad, I'm like really really embarrassed!


So I guess this was a few years back?  My IS folks remotely log into our machines so they can see what we're seeing if we have a problem., which I guess was impossible before the internet?

Sometimes they have to do some cleanup that ties up our machines, and we have to go work somewhere else for awhile.  During these times, I like to go back to my office every few minutes and flick the mouse across the desk. Drives 'em crazy! ;D


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