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Loosing a Partner?

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Hi All,
  Well, Today has been a very good day over all. I got myself out of the house and went to FT Worth and picked up my meds. Then I went to a friends that I had not seen in years(he is finally clean from METH 107days! So Far!) It felt good to sit and talk with him for 5 hours straight. It 's amazing how some connections made in life that no matter how much time or other garbage under the bridge they may be. When you reconnect it's like nothing was really ever lost. Well I'm kinda just rattling here. Just wanted you all to know I had a good day. I read something here the other day that said we should talk more about the good days we have. I so agreed with that. So this was my first attempt. LOL
  LOVE and PEACE TO YOU ALL and Of course Have a Blessed Day!!!!!

P.S. Thanks for your responce Mikie!!

Andy Velez:
Good deal, Rick. Good to hear from you.


I kinda felt bad after posting last nite, that I had left things so down; but this issue is always going to be a downer. But it sounds like you're doing the best thing. You really will have to just take one day a time. If it's a sad day that's okay; but if you can find some joy in the day, grab it and enjoy it. Reaching out to others (here in the forums) or even long-lost friends can do you wonders. I'm glad to hear that you re-connected with your friend. You can never have enough friends and you'll be amazed how much they can help you through tough times, usually be doing nothing more than just being there.

May more good days come your way!

Hi Mikie,
   Just wanted you to know that when I read your responce it did not come off as a downer to me. I actually saw that someone else has felt and feels the same as I do about the situation. The way you have handled it is most likely the way that I will as well. There will always be a picture and things we had together that will always be out in my home. But most important of all is that he is a part of my soul and always will be.
  Now, I have to find my place/path on the journey that is the rest of MY LIFE HERE ON EARTH. Which by the way, That's going to lead to many more posts to come I'm sure!!
                 Have a Blessed Day!!
P.S. Thanks Andy, I'm really trying!!!!


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