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As a relative newbie me and my honey are thrilled that many of you guys are going to be able to get together in Montreal.  We wish we could be there.  What is the process for deciding where next years gathering will be held and when?  We are just curious so we can plan on our calendars and budgeting so we can come also.  Y'all have a glorious time up there together!

The Canuck:
Hi Biggums,

I don't want to talk for everyone here but I assume there will be some talks about this during the Montreal gathering. I also assume some cities will be mentioned and somewhere during Fall there will be a vote for the final destination...where no ones has gone before... ;)

The Canuck
(Beam me up Scotty)

Well, Jim.... 

Last year, we voted online, and Rab and I and  a few others from this side of the Mississippi made every attempt to get them to re-locate the gathering to the west coast and go to Vancouver.  Well, there was such a snit about how expensive Vancouver was that the MAJORITY OF THE U.S. MEMBERSHIP, who live EAST of the Mississippi River, and cannot for the life of them imagine a trip that is transcontental, voted instead for Montreal.  I have nothing against Montreal, and am looking forward to seeing the place and enjoying the company of the rest of this motley crew, so that is where we are going. 

Now, there is the wrinkle that most of the overseas people that would be coming to this are not able to come into the country if they are HIV+, thanks to Bush Senior, so we decided on our neighbors to the north.  Now that there has been a very large discussion about the abundance and prevalence of the good old green herb in Vancouver, I trust we will have little difficulty in convincing people to vote fo that destination in the future.

We will see, and time will tell.

In Love,

I graduate in 2008, so I hope you guys are all prepared to deal with an excitable 17 year old that year.  ;D


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