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What is the biggest personal challenge you face regarding your hiv status?

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--- Quote ---Betty I mean that it's lying by omission if you don't tell someone you have hiv.  If you don't tell them you have hiv, then they would assume that you are hiv negative.
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The big lie is by the people making the assumption that the world is entirely populated by HIV negative folks. It should not be our responsibility to challenge counterfactual 'magical thinking'.


--- Quote from: cicero on November 05, 2013, 09:43:02 PM ---

And mitch777, I hear you on "bitching a lot".  You've got 31 years of this, a lot of that time a lot less hopeful than now, so as far as I'm concerned you can bitch bitch bitch away. In fact, please do. Optimism is good for you, but so is venting and expressing yourself.  My best wishes for what it's worth to you and your mother as time marches on. :)

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Thanks for you kind words. They have plenty of worth.  :)

 I understand your fear of fading mentally as I seem to be living it.  I tend to believe that being newly diagnosed with todays meds and meds yet to come that you will likely not have to experience this problem. Even among us LTS, many/most don't have cognitive loss. Of coarse, I'm not sure what lies ahead for any of us but hope and faith are two things we must grab with a tight grip. It's not always easy.

Waking up each morning brings uncertainty for me but I try like hell to enjoy the day. :)



--- Quote from: klassykitty on November 06, 2013, 08:06:51 PM ---

Oh yea, and my doctor still will not let me travel outside of the states yet. >:(

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Why? Do you live with him?  :o  Sorry, I know that's flippant, but I've seen you up close and you are a perfectly capable world traveler! I can understand that he might be concerned if you wanted to go somewhere that was known to harbor issues that might compromise someone with a compromised immune system, but I don't see why you can't bloody well go where you please. You're not going to turn to dust should you choose to take a trip to Canada.

the biggest personal challenge I now face is finding the courage to be comfortable with having this so-called "status" that has one of the worst social stigmas associated with it, and being able to dismiss the assumptions that people may make about my lifestyle and all that goes along with it.

I absolutely love this thread and am surprised I hadn't come across it before it was resurrected. It's real and without the usual varnish. It has those details one can only get from others who have lived with this disease other sites can only provide in the most clinical of descriptions. For myself, I want to know what possibly lay ahead other than "I have lived for x number of years with this and so can you."  What exactly does that mean anyway?  Am I doomed to periodic sicknesses?  And what does periodic mean?  Weekly?  Monthly?  Yearly?  These are the real stories I come here for and I sure hope there are many more of them.


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