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You are far from an idiot... you're just human.. and that's ok!  And you are worth far more than you realize or give yourself credit for.  You'll get through this because you are strong and we all love you.



--- Quote from: killfoile on June 24, 2006, 12:15:42 PM ---
The hardest part of this is the only one who can give you self-esteem is you.

--- End quote ---

Well put. And this is often the hardest realization.Of course, we are not islands and we do esteem ourselves with our choice of friends and lovers. But they can't do or be everything for us.  And, yes, it's difficult being the one who loves more.

There is one thing that might help you here, as it has helped me. Put yourself in his shoes: if you were him, and you saw another guy (eg yourself, or anyone he might have piqued interest in) chasing you, what would you do? Likely run. you have to let him alone. It's hard but you must. Move on. (I am personally having difficulty doing this at the moment, but I am not chasing the guy, and never once contacted him since he dumped me.) It will tell him at the very least (if he at all thinks on it) that you will not be played, that you are a person who is independent and has self-worth. If he recognizes that, great. But it won't necessarily bring him around.

Sites like this I find helpful.

Be good to yourself first.


Thanks for all the kind words y'all... I will come back tonight and tell the full story... I promise...  but thank you for your responses...


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