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Note to self

Danny you're a fucking idiot.  You're being played.  You're becoming emotionally involved when you're being used. You saw the messages... You saw him rush out before 2:45.  Yes he still kissed you before he left... He's got a bitch during the day and one at night.  You're just a bitch... The am one...  Danny you're better than that or are you....  Wow.  Just wow... We'll think about it in the am....


What the fuck is his problem... What the fuck is my problem... I know what my damned problem is. Ugh... If I had an ounce of self worth, I wouldn't just ignore this...

You're not ignoring it, if you're up and writing this.  You do realize you have self-worth, or you wouldn't care.  But you do care. 

Go to sleep and think it over (or stay up and watch a horror flick).  When you feel better, (and are less emotional about what he did), give him a call or drop him an email and try to explain to him, as unemotional as you can, that you deserve better.  Cause you do.


You are not an idiot.
Just a kindred soul and too sweet for many cruel/sweet men out there.

Don't blame yourself. Start by telling yourself you are only human and try to find the mechanisms that make you act like this.

At 50 I still think that life is a constant learning process.
You play the leading role in it. Only you.


.... Time will heal everything ...

Most important, you are NOT an idiot.

YES you're better than that, instincts don't lie. as hermie said, what's happening here is a learning process which YOU have FULL CONTROL of  8) (and no, that doesn't mean you control his feelings and/or behavior - that's stressful manipulation which fails miserably, always)

so - as cliff said, be up front - it's one of the best ways to respect yourself

don't let this dude control you.   8) be strong honey 


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