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Some Good News

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--- Quote from: AlanBama on April 24, 2007, 09:32:26 PM ---

My cardiologist says I am no longer considered to be in 'heart failure', but I will of course continue with my same meds.  She believes my CHF was AIDS-related, and now that my virus has been controlled for such a long time, my heart, with the help of Coreg, has 'healed itself'.

I feel very fortunate indeed, and blessed that my tired old body can still fight back and hold its own.


--- End quote ---


This is the second post I read today, and it certainly made my day !!! This is great news ! !

All the Best-----Ray

Sweetest Alan,

Your post has made me cry.
This warm, big heart of you finally got the healing it so much deserved.
What goes around, comes around, literally.

Let me tell you this : your heart has given so many people on here the only light in a dark day, the will to go on, the strength they need, the love that every one on here so needs.... This is how The Higher Power returns your endless love for others....

Thank you for brightening up my day once more.

Love and hugs

Hermie :-*


I have long thought you had a heart of gold... but now it seems you have a miracle heart of growth (even better!)  Fantastic news!


Andy Velez:
That's great, Alan. If ever there was someone here whose heart is exactly right, it's you.

I'm glad the medical world is confirming that too. We already knew it for sure.

Big cheers, buddy!


What Andy said!

I know you must be feeling pretty darn happy about this news.  And you should be. 

Love ya buddy,



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