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Just need reassurance...


Was involved in a brief past relationship last summer with a girl whose status I do not know. Engaged in unprotected oral sex both ways. Soon after I got a really bad sore throat, which went away a short time after. I tested for peace of mind at 3 and 6 months- Both negative. Can I finally put this worry to rest for good? Seems to pop in my mind every once in a while and I want to move on with my life that I once had.

You didn't have a risk, you didn't need to test as the test proved. Read the lessons on transmission. You can find a link to it in the "Welcome" thread.

Hi, i don't want to sound like an evil person but.... i want to say few things....

1. You don't have to worry about being infected (if you only have done what you said). Even with it, i would advice to keep on having hiv tests twice or once per year.

I don't advice it due you risk yourself, No.... it is just because testing yourself for hiv should become a healthy costume everybody should have that added to playing safe in bed.

As i can see... you are almost terrified about getting it, but you know... i don't think you sould feel like that. I mean this is a serious illness off course and you should better prevent it, but don't fall in the mistake that makes the world to get infected.... don't be too scared out of this. The closer you can take a look at... the easiest become for you to protect as a normal thing.

I mean... when you realise hiv is everywhere and it is not a punishment from above.... then it will be easier for you find reasons to play safe and keep yourself healthy and test regularly. In some time.. testing for hiv should be part of the basic health control of any person in the world, it is the only way to stop the illness... and fears, overreactions, and keeping the bad messages in our minds are not helping to that. Everyday people try to avoid thinking in the virus... and they play unsafe, some of them have bad luck, like me, so i accept it. Some others have had better look but are so afraid out of nothing that their lives become a total nightmare... that's because they don't test themselves often.

If we would know cancer can be prevented.... wouldn't you do it? and take tests to ensure your good health? well... with hiv is still the same. Both are serious diseases... but one of them have had too much bad marketing, that's all.

Hope i had contributed in some way.

I posted in here before. However, I did not receive a lot of feedback.
I had protected sex and unprotected oral sex(both ways) almost a year ago. I do not know the status of the girl and never will.
Soon after oral sex, I got a really bad sore throat that went away. I tested at 3 months and 6 months, both negative.
I just keep thinking my results are not conclusive. This has caused constant worry/stress/ speculation that is ruining my life.

I guess I am just looking for some reassurance from people that know my results are conclusive.

Thanks for your time.

Like was already said, you didn't have a risk and your 3 month test proved it. You are conclusively negative. The reason you didn't get more replies, because there was nothing more anyone could add.


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