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Study of NGX - 4010, Moffie Edition.


Shame on me for not reading the Research News Forum until today. 

I just got off the phone with a Doctor's office in Phoenix, and I am slated to have my first appointment on May 17, 2007.  I will be undergoing the same study that JRE has done since the first of the year.  I was just starting to get into this last year, but was dropped through the cracks somehow, so now I am going to do it again, but with another study site in Phoenix.

I will have nobody to drive me home from these appointments, but luckly I do have locations in Phoenix where I can find a bed for the night.

I once in 1997 was perscribed the heaviest form of Capsasin, (not available over the counter) and used it for about a month, but found that the pain in my eyes from the fumes were the only thing that I could tell was affected.  The feet were in such a horrible shape that I found no relief from the lotion at all.  At that time, I knew about a gentleman who was in this study in it's earliest form in San Francisco, and was having incredible good fortune from it.  I have longed to be involved in this study since it's beginning, but was unable to connect the dots to make that happen.  Now, I am really looking forward to going through the same trip that Ray is doing and has so generously accounted in his thread. 

I will make every attempt to do the same that he does, so that our experiences will not be blurred in the same thread and therefore dilute the facts.  Each one of us will have different results and experiences as each one of us on this site who are chronic sufferers of PN, also have completely different profiles of pain, and side effects.

When I chatted with the coordinator this morning, she was thrilled that I was so experienced with the pain of PN, to which I said "thanks for nothing, I am not particularly thrilled".   We both chuckled and got on with the conversation.

I must thank both Ray and SASA for starting these threads about this study, as I see both as an intervention to place me back on the track of seeking out this study. 

My how the universe does work in strange ways.


Dear Tim

Wishing you the best with the trial, and hoping it benefits you personally as well as makes a contribution to the understanding of this horrible condition.


Hello Tim,

I probably should have mentioned to you that I was in this study. I will be wishing you the best, and hope that you have better results than I did.

The study nurse will most likely have Oxycontin available for you. Maybe you won't need it. But I sure did. By the time I walked out of the doctors office, I had taken two Oxycontin,( at the office) and one more about an hour an a half later, at home. Didn't require anymore pain pills, after that !!

Wishing you the best-------Ray


You may want to call your doctor, and find out if the patches will be put on your feet on May 17th.

My first appointment was basically just signing paperwork. I was given a daily diary to fill out, and then another appointment was set up, after that, to actually put the patches on.

Take care----Ray

Hello Tim,

Wishing you the best, on the study tomorrow !!.  I am heading out to the doctor office right now, for my next  ( and I believe my final visit) I will update later today.

Take care of yourself------Ray


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