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My husband is HIV+.
I`m not.
He also have an HPV.
Do I need a preventive Gardasile vaccine although I do not require standards?
I`m 38 , we have kids , my last gyno exam went Ok , but I`m still a little bit scared due to a consequences to his HPV.
I did not went into  PCR HPV because it is hard to find it where we live.
Any suggestions......

As far as I am aware this vaccine isn't licensed as a therapeutic vaccine - just a preventative one.

Having said that, it hasn't stopped every gay guy in London lining up for a jab. I guess the short answer is that nobody knows its effectiveness if you're already carrying the nasty strains of HPV, but nobody thinks it will do much harm either.

I think, if I had the money to go private, I'd do it. As my bf has definately got it. Maybe I should make him pay for them! As it is I'm waiting for my elusive first pay cheque.


I've been reading a lot online about the Gardasil vaccine, and here's the conclusion I've come to:

If you can afford it, and you're HIV-postiive, get the vaccine. And don't wait.

After a good conversation with my doctor, one of the top HIV specialists in San Diego, we decided together that , if anything, it can't hurt to get vaccinated.

The only downside to the vaccine is that it won't protect against any strains one may have already contracted. However, it does protect against 4 of the most "cancer-causing" strains.

The incidence of anal cancer in HIV-negative gay men is 35 out of 100,000, and the incidence of anal cancer in HIV-positive men is 70 out of 100,000.

Thankfully, it only costs $240.00 per shot, with a series of three shots.

Here's why I'm doing it. (I had the first shot a few days ago and I'm an HIV-positive male.)

A) My doctor has had 4 patients out of 225 die of HIV-related causes in the last 3 years. One died from AIDS due to a drug-resistant strain of HIV. The other three died of anal cancer. All cases were directly linked to HPV. Everyone who died (in the group of 3 without drug resistance) had an undetectable viral load and good CD4 counts.

B) I don't care if the FDA hasn't approved it yet. They take forever to approve things and are currently under the auspices of a neo-conservative administration. Why trust them?

C) The Gardasil vaccine is "approved for women" mostly for marketing reasons. This is also written in the literature of the drug company that promotes it. If they are testing it on gay, HIV-positive men, obviously it's worth getting.

Why leave it to chance?

What I've seen more than anything is a lack of preventative care for HIV-positive men and women. It upsets me. Why are 2/3 of HIV-positive people obese? What is the medical field doing to go beyond just "keeping us alive" ------ hopefully we see more advancement in the relationship between HIV and cancers. Rather than the typical opportunistic infections that plagued those who had more devastating low CD4-counts and AIDS ---- what are we doing about people who are "healthy" and positive. How healthy are we, really?

Final thought. Get the vaccine. Charge it on your credit card if you can't afford it.



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