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GliSODin study on oxidative stress in immune compromised humans


The authors concluded, "The statistically significant antioxidant restoration and decreased b2-microglobulin concentration in Glisodin-supplemented AIDS patients suggests a beneficial effect of the Glisodin product in HIV/AIDS patients. These results suggest that these patients will be prepared for a better compliance and a better efficacy to the anti-retroviral therapy."

bimazek:  is designed to be a forum for the interested parties that have come together to sponsor and create  The SOD/Gliadin complex (called glisodin, glisodine or oxykine) has been studied in vitro, in vivo and in clinical trials more...NEW!  Is there a relationship between Redox balance and Metabolic Syndrome? 
The natural process of oxygen metabolism results in the development of reactive oxygen species (ROS). In order to protect the body from highly toxic ROS, the body has acquired anti-oxidative stress mechanisms, or an antioxidant defense system. more... Glisodin has been shown to be orally effective in several in vivo studies on animals as well as in clinical trials. In these studies, glisodin has been shown to preserve the antioxidant activity of the SOD enzyme, resulting in an increase in organ and circulating SOD levels.  more...
Glisodin has been shown to:
               promote the endogenous production of SOD, Catalase & Gpx
               inhibit oxidative stress
               inhibit lactic acid accumulation during exercise
               inhibit UV oxidative stress
               promote immune modulation
               inhibit vascular inflammatio

But I did not mentioned one thing.(though i have asked Dr. at thebody about it) . And a fact is that a incresed level of SOD was founded in HAD HIV+ patients............( Yikes!)  :o


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