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Lost sex drive

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this is a little difficult to answer honestly because, for the last 40 years i need help to do it ;D a drink, etc
i finished menopause, stopped drinking, no interest, dont get horny, I kind of know why.
I have met only 2 men who turned me on, naturally, no problem, than they turned me off again because
they got greedy and impatient.  all they had to do was wait till i was ready, stupid boys ;D

males taking HIV medications experience lowering of testosterone, it is easily fixed with testosterone suppliments either by shot, patch, pill, with women testosterone is also important too libido, but not in such high levels as men, one needs too consult doctor, and if your a male with diabetes, no amount of testosterone will correct that issue, if your male and smoke, use alcohol heavily again it effects the old adage of up versus down..., but for one too think it can affect only male libido is too ignore facts anything that can affect a males libido can also affect womens libidos only difference is a woman can fake it and a man cannot! Viagra/Lavetra and other male oreintated drugs help males.., there is even a old african sex aphrodisiac called "Yohimbe" which comes from the Yohimbe tree bark, it can be found in heatlh food stores, etc, and the old saying of "Oysters" boost sexual libido is based in some fact of Oysters are high in zinc, vitamen E which have some libido affecting effects....! Key is you can ignore and suffer or seek solutions..!

Queen Tokelove:
I guess diabetes killed mine but has been feeling horn doggish lately. I also get the depo shot so I don't know if that has anything to do with anything, just thought I would throw it out there.. ;D

I was on Prozac for about 6 months and it wiped out my sex drive completely.  The worst part was not being able to have an orgasm.  I have since resumed my position without the prozac and things have returned to normal...normal being a very stimulated.


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