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Have any of you ladies experienced a lack of libido?  I just can't seem to get it back, no matter what I do.  I don't know if it's age (I'm 41), HIV meds/hormones, also diabetes maybe?  Any help would be appreciated!

Queen Tokelove:
I was thinking in the other thread that you should post here. You may get more responses. I'm curious as well.

hi bettytacy,
i just replied to your post on menopause and mentioned my zero sex drive. we poz people suffer from huge lack of hormones. the guyz talk about it all the time - how they cant get it up so to speak. my guess is that because we women dont have a clear issue of "up - yes or no" we realise it less. but its real. zero sex drive among hiv+ women is highly prevalent. and our lack of tostesterone is also an issue for us. there are substitute preparations around. im going to talk to my gyno at the end of the month and see how it goes. probably in a couple of months ill know if its working.

i recently read the book "The Female Brain" from Louann Brizendine. it is about hormones and women in general but i found it a good read.

cheers frilly

Hi...I'm new here but + 24 years.  At 47 I'm eight years into perimenopause.  Had originally tried natural remedies, but due to severe insomnia had to cave in and start HRT.  Took myself off of it about six months ago (the insomnia initially improved but then got even worse) and am strictly "natural" now.  Have had libido, lubrication problems, etc. but have found great relief for these symptoms using "the female Viagra", aka damiana (there's a Nature's Way formula that's mixed with ginseng, for energy) and Tongkat Ali (aka Long Jack), which is a natural testosterone booster (NOW Testojack 100 is good and reasonably priced).

Hey this is SUCH an issue for me and my male doc has no clue.  I have been pos for 15 yrs , and did great during all of that, BUT the last 3 yrs I have had some serious health challenges and the sex drive has disappeared.  Interestingly, my period disappeared as well.  My doc surmised that I was in menopause, but the period returned 3 weeks ago. whoops!  I HOPE the sex drive will also return.   It is interesting that it disappeared in conjunction with my health and also  medicine increases.  I dont know what the answer is though.  I will keep seeking out solutions.


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